OXYGEN 8 V2, The Ultimate Mapping
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    Default OXYGEN 8 V2, The Ultimate Mapping

    First thing i will say, this mapping is for oxygen 8 to be used while mixing externally on a 2 channel mixer, if you want to mix internal with it, there will need to be some heavy editing done, this map has alot of the essentialls from ean's mapping, it is very complex and you will not understand it all in 5 minutes, the first thing i will point out is the difference with the way i have effect selecting set up (maybe when i imported ean's it was bugged), where instead of having the different effects banks on each deck turn on and off when certain effects are triggered, i use 4 buttons total to deal with turning the effects banks on decks A and B, those buttons as you can see in the picture, are titled, "1,3" and "2,4" on each deck, they have regular functions aswell, but dont worry about that, why i have set these buttons up like this is so that the shift 1(Farthest key right) turns on and off banks 1 and 2, and the seconds shift key, cc26(only button with orrange around it, far right) when held with combination of the buttons will turn of banks 3,4, moving on, ill go onto the effects section, most of the effects i have kept to eans mapping,(Delay, Beatmasher, Slicerbank4), the one bank i did change was bank 1, i switched it from the advanced slicer ean had set to it, and i changed it to chained beatmasher for looprolls, i then took the 2 slicer effect combinations ean had set to effect bank 1, and switched all of them to bank 4, this way instead of having 4 different preset slicers on 2 effects banks, i have all 4 on one effect bank, the rolls can be triggered by the corresponding keys, the slicers can be triggered by the 4 "fx4" keys, and as standard the delay and beatmasher can be triggered by there cc's, and as for the very last effect i added, if you see the button on deck b that said gater, if you hit it once ,it will load the gater to bank 2, if you hit it again it will turn the gater onto 100dw, turn it on, and act as a modifier so that the pitch bend will modify the length ect, grabbing the cc i have labeled fx2 will then reload the beatmasher back into this deck, since the gater only needs 1 key, the matching key on the other deck is a beatmasher, keep in mind i have my shift key marked in red sharpie, all the commands this button activates i have marked with a red dot (this mapping rely's on shift functions), ok next thing ill talk about is the looping , correct me if im wrong, but i believe ean's version of the mapping i started with automatically triggered and 8 beat loop, i didnt like this idea as i would rather have the button trigger whatever size loop i have selected, this is what it does, you can use loop size to edit the size while a loop is on or off,, next the MSTR key, this key is used to change the mstr deck, i hate traktor choosing for me and think manual is probably how it should be done, next is the keylock buttons, they are shift functions for the play/pause to engage/disengage keylock, next is the loading section(the 5 buttons below the knobs), from left to right, eans freeze button for the echo delay(really useful),load A(shift function is scroll folders),load b (shift function to scroll folders), browse buttons (choose tracks) Modifier, this button is only use to toggle fx banks, 3, and 4 on and off, there is a standard dry wet for each effect, the knob on the top row second from the left is the gater's d/w for when its on(the button automatically slams it to 100%), the filter's are now full range and should sit in the middle, mind you your oxygen 8 should just be set to the factory preset and i should work, i have attached a tsi and a picture of my oxygen(1 of my knobs is broken), all feedback and comments appreciated, i hope you guys enjoy
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    Congrats on your mapping effort Dj.You.S.Bee!
    I've done my own mapping based on Ean's map and I know how is hard to map a oxygen, there is so many buttons and so much to map...
    Once I finished my map I've realised that I would need another controller to Mixing and FX.
    Another thing that I realised is that I don't like "shift" and "mode" buttons without visual led feedback. I didn't liked the feel of playing with footswitch pedals too...
    These two conclusions made me save some money to buy two nanoKontrol to complete my Internal Mixing Hardware setup without shift and mode buttons.
    But without get dirty by mapping your own map, you will never know what you can do with traktor... Everybody must to try it once

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