Fader FX effects bank TSI
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    Default Fader FX effects bank TSI

    Hi all you lovely tech toolers,
    Ive got an FX mapping I'd like to share with you.

    I find it essential to have all the FX you need right at your fingertips, especially when using fader FX mode. You don't want to be dicking around with the mouse manually selecting them all mid-set and miss that breakdown. The attached mapping will setup some great fx combos on FX bank 1 and 2 for you to rock out with at a moments notice.

    Button configs are as follows:

    1. Shift Modifier (off FX1, on - FX2)
    2. Gater Format Filter Reverb
    3. Beatmasher Delay Reverse Grain
    4. Beatmasher LoFi Tunrtable FX
    5. Beatmasher Filter Flanger Pulse
    6. Gater Filter Pulse Mullholland Drive
    7. Ice reverb Filter reverb
    8. advanced Delay

    Its based on an LPD8 but any midi device with 8 pads would suffice. You'll also need to do some remapping if you want to use it; Just import the tsi, set your in and out device, sort the mapping by control and re-assign them, in bulk, to whatever you like.

    Now go crazy with fader FX mode
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    Awesome mapping can't wait to take a look at this after I get out of work.

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    This looks really great. I don't have access to my VCI-100 right now, so I can't really test it out. I'm new to mapping and merging TSI files, and I have to ask this: how will this work with my VCI? Can i just import it through the "small" import task and have a bank of FX for fader FX mode. Sorry if I sound like I'm being naive, and thanks for your work. I've been searching for days (just got my VCI last week) for a nice mapping to compliment my VCI with the LPD8!

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    Where's this mapping can't find it anywhere??? Cheerssss. Mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfingers View Post
    Where's this mapping can't find it anywhere??? Cheerssss. Mate
    The attachment has be removed from this thread bro. Check out Midimaps or Traktorbibe, perhaps someone has reuploaded it.

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