Traktor Pro VCI-100se and nanoKontrol TSI alpha
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    Default Traktor Pro VCI-100se and nanoKontrol TSI alpha

    Here is an attempt at 4 decks. Holding filter A gives you access to Deck C on left and D on right. Holding A also allows 'Load A' to load C and 'Load B' to load D.

    Transport works for A,B,C & D
    Juggle, Jog & Hot Cues also work for A,B & C

    The following are bugs:
    No Jog on D - It plays B
    Deck C button plays B
    No Hot Cues on Deck D

    With Deck B playing using Jog from 'Deck C' button can Freeze Deck C (Need to restart TP)

    Attached is a pic of the nanoKontrol layout - Seems to all work
    I use it upside down - better clearance on the faders

    I welcome any help with this. It is based of the djtt 1.2 tsi I am also looking to create a toggle to turn hot cue 1-4 into 4-8 on each deck. I was trying to keep all the original functionality of the djtt tsi and just add C & D control off 'Filter A' button. It looks like it may be necessary to lose the original, right hand deck transport functions. I also wanted the 4 Deck option to work without the nanoKontrol so more people could use it.

    Here are list of modifiers:

    M1 Loop
    M2 Fader FX
    M3 Juggle
    M4 Deck C

    I added:
    M6 Deck C to left, D to right

    I also tried to embed M4-0 within M6-0 and M6-6 and I think that might be causing the bugs.

    For the nanoKontrol I added:
    M7 nanoKontrol layout toggle
    M8 nanoKontrol L & R select

    notes on the nanoKontrol:

    With korg software I set cc# 35 and 37 to toggle for FX1 ch 1&2 for LED's

    Traktor Pro does not seem to be able to control LED's on nanoKontrol and setting buttons to toggle with korg software can create loops.

    For center L and R buttons I set deck focus to A & B to show which side you're on.

    More to come -


    tsi @
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    hey can you save tath config and make a link to download pleas


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    can u post the tsi for downloading? thanks

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