Edirol PCR-300 Control Map Request
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    Hey I was wondering if anyone has ever done a control map of PCR-300 for Traktor Pro. I'm working on one of my own and i have a hard time figuring some things out. I would appreciate if you post one so i can look at it

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    I use mine primarily with Cubase (which it does a great job with), but i'm curious how it would work with Traktor too. I'll have a go at it sometime next week and let you know.

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    Yeah thank you, my main problem is getting to work the drum pads and the knobs work with the FX

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    I'm not familiar with the PCR-300.. but I have mapped my axiom 25 to traktor scratch pro... let me know if you would like to see my mapping.


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    if you dont mind
    what messages did you assign to the knobs?

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    You push learn, then select what type of controller it is on the PCR-300. So if it's a knob, you would select knob or whatever it says on there that would be the same. But say you want to record, you would click learn push the record button on the keyboard, then select the type of controller which would be button. Then the interaction mode would differ between if you want to hold down the button down when you're mixing or not. So if you don't want to hold down the button you push button, and if you do want to hold the button down while you mix you would select hold. But that goes with any key or trigger (NOT A KNOB). The only thing I had trouble with was using the crossfader on the keyboard with the internal mixer. So I used the knobs all the way to the right (S1-S9). I have made a mapping, with the Midi fighter Deckalized Mapping if you would like it. Depending if you have a Midi Fighter. Oh, and sorry if this is hard to understand I just woke up and I saw this issue, and I thought I would help.

    ALSO, for Traktor 3. I have an already made Traktor 3 layout made for the PCR-300. Which includes pictures to help you.
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    The PCR3000 is the only mid controller that you have?

    If it is, I have some suggestions to you.
    You can use some advices to map your controller: You have way more buttons then knobs or faders, always consider use a button instead of a fader or a knob. Save your buttons with led feedback to those functions that you really need feedback on your controller.

    To mix 2 decks:

    Map your knobs to control deck A:
    R1 - FILTER
    R2 - EQ LOW
    R3 - EQ MID
    R4 - EQ HIGH
    A1 - SYNC
    A2 - EQ LOW KILL
    A3 - EQ MID KILL

    Follow the same for deck B.

    The Faders you can use for:
    S1 - Deck A Gain (Soft takeover)
    S2 - Deck A Volume
    S3 - Deck B Volume
    S4 - Deck B Gain (Soft takeover)
    S5 - DryWet FX 1
    S6 - FX1 - Param1 (Soft takeover)
    S7 - FX1 - Param2 (Soft takeover)
    S8 - FX1 - Param3 (Soft takeover)
    S9 - ???

    Use your keyboard the same way Ean use it on the oxygen 2 25 keys map

    You can create some FX combos with FX slot 2 3 4 that can be activated with the push of a key, similar to those that Ean uses at the midi-fighter map.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ckilluh View Post
    ALSO, for Traktor 3. I have an already made Traktor 3 layout made for the PCR-300. Which includes pictures to help you.
    do you mind posting those?

    V-Hoff, yes, it is the only one i have. I also have an audio 4 and an external mixer so i would probably not worry that much about the buttons for EQ. My main focus would be cue points and FX.
    And faders actually do make more sense for the FX units.

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    Here you go I did these awhile back for a pcr-500. Just play around with it. Transport controls are L1 and L2 for deck A and L3 and L4 for deck B and hot cues mapped to the pads.

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    hey dj essentials,

    I tried using one of those tsi files with my edirol pcr-m80 with traktor but it doesn't work is there any way to make this work?

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