Numark Stealth TSI Traktor Pro (Improved)
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    Smile Numark Stealth TSI Traktor Pro (Improved)


    I spent a good portion of the night working on this TSI. It is the basic TSI with some minor modifications that have been tested and work with full LED functionality. The left hand side effects function as normal but the right hand side controls have been set up to control Advanced effects on Deck 2. I keep the effects on Deck 1 set to Chained, so if you do not use chained on the left it might have some bugs because I never tested it for that so make sure you back up your old TSI before using this one. Just in Case.

    Also added looping controls. The - and + pitch buttons above loop now create and control loops. So you press the - button and it defaults to an 8 beat loop; if you press it again it goes down to a 4 beat loop and keeps getting smaller; If you press the + it increases the loops size.

    Let me know if you have any questions or have any feedback.


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    Question loop size

    hey how did you actually map the pitch bend buttons to control the loop size. I have been trying to mess around and do it myself but having trouble.

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    Thanks, love what you have done with the loops.
    Mapping them was beyond me.

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