TC four deck, 4 fx, sample decks, and more.
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    Default TC four deck, 4 fx, sample decks, and more.

    I've put this together to work alongside my SCS3S so it's a bit different.

    Each of the buttons underneath the encoders puts controls to respective deck/unit. The upper left 4 are for decks A-D and the upper right are for FX units 1-4. You can switch between modes by simply selecting another deck/unit as it will turn controls off, however it will not turn all effects/loops/scratch modes off.

    Browsing is done via center encoder. Button below center encoder is clear all modifiers. Buttons to either side are "Load" mode.

    All sliders are volume faders in the following order C-A-B-D

    Deck Modes (enter via upper left 4 buttons under encoders)

    Top left knob filter
    Top right knob key
    Lower left loop size
    Lower right loop move

    Clear button below deck selectors are for loop set and the other one is scratch on, they flip flop depending on which deck you're on intentionally, just felt right to avoid turning Scratch on accidently. The loop in is below the deck currently in use.

    Scratch is left jog wheel

    Right jog wheel is tempo bend step less

    two clear buttons above right jog are tempo fade + - in .04 increments

    deck mode C-D/3-4 allow for EQ on adj/kill on upper right encoder area.

    The four black buttons are for cue points 1-4

    FX Modes (enter via upper right 4 buttons under encoders)

    Dry/wet is controlled by corresponding knob on upper left encoders.

    FX amounts 1-3 are controlled via the three encoders in the upper right (one of mine is broken off, hence the reasoning for this)

    effect on 1-3 are the 3 buttons to the right of that encoder area

    mixer effect on for currently in use effect are the 4 clear buttons next to C-D volume faders in C-A-B-D order again

    Loading/Transport Modes

    Clear buttons next to C-D volume sliders (same ons for loop in/scratch on in deck modes) are load selected. Again in the C-A-B-D order

    C-D transport are the black buttons play/sync when that decks side is in load/transport mode.

    I'm sure there's some stuff I've missed. Play around with it or just ask.

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    Note the bottom six black buttons are always transports for A-B

    Play/Cue/Sync w/ working LED for play/sync

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