THE LIST - All User-Mappings of DJTT(server)
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    Default THE LIST - All User-Mappings of DJTT(server)

    Related to Mappingif you don't find a mapping for your controller, before start a Thread READ THIS

    Fader FX effects bank TSI
    Fader FX (no VCI SE) almost working
    digital jockey 2 faderfx

    American Audio VMS4 Mapping
    Vms4 Mapping for Traktor pro

    APC 40- LED Ring Glitch, Loop Size + Set dilemma
    Advanced LED mapping - APC40
    Akai MPD18 mapping for Traktor 1.2.7
    Akai LPD8 and Traktor Pro(All-in-one controls)
    Akai MPD32 mapping to Traktor PRO
    Akai MPD 24 mapping traktor scratch pro
    APC40 TRAKTOR SCRATCH hot cues & scratching with no tables
    Akai APC40 MIDI Layout
    APC40 internal 2deck setup
    Akai LPD8 mapping
    AkaiMPD24 Mapping
    Complete (apc40 only) traktor pro mapping
    Gloob apc 40 mapping for traktor (beta)
    Traktor Hotcue States and APC40 Clip Launch Grid
    APC 40 Mapping W/ full Led and VU meters!
    Custom APC40 for Rick-M Traktor Pro 4 deck
    Akai APC40 and TPro (MISA basic setup)
    APC40 Mapping Madness (Midi Fighter Style on APC40)
    Akai LPD8 Mapping For Traktor Pro 1.2+ (Sven's Take on Ean's Midifighter Mapping)
    My Akai LPD8 Traktor Mapping
    My custom Akai MPD32 traktor pro mapping
    Superb APC40 Map
    Andre Detoxx Akai APC 40 + Traktor Pro TSI
    Paddy's APC40 Mapping for TPro (yup another one)

    Mapping for touch OSC for iphone/traktor
    Traktor Pro Mapping for TouchOsc via Osculator
    iPad Fighter (TouchOSC Based)
    4 Deck Touch OSC Traktor Mappings
    Android TouchOSC layout TSI-finished
    Coming soon,to a Farmpad near you...
    OBRI3N OSC|X1 Template - (iPad/TouchOSC/TraktorPro)

    All BCR users
    BCD2000 mapping by StarsForFree
    BCD 3000 Mapping (for Traktor Pro) - Using Modes
    BCD3000 Feat. chefT
    Traktor Pro mapping for BCD3000
    BCR 2000 for fx and other stuff
    BCD3000 and BCR2000 Traktor Pro Maps
    DDM4000 2 external deck, Traktor tsi

    DN HS5500 .tsi for Traktor Pro
    DN Sc2000 2 decks And eq's w/kills NO LED GLITCHES

    Edirol PCR-300 Control Map Request

    Hercules RMX Mappings 4 DECKS w/ Korg Nanos
    Traktor Pro Maps for Hercules RMX
    Pro mapping Hercules RMX v1.0. 4 decks, 4 FX juggle mode.
    RMX - 4 Deck + FX + Cues n loops.
    Hercules RMX mapping
    Hercules RMX mapping for Traktor Pro
    Hercules RMX - Traktor Pro 1.2(with controls for 4 decks, 4 FX banks, Fader FX Mode)
    Hercules RMX & Traktor 3.4.1
    Traktor Pro 1.24 + Hercules RMX Mic/Sound prob
    Hercules RMX Traktor TSI
    Hercules RMX Traktor DUO TSI
    Hercules DJ console MK2 controller mapping for virtualdJ 6 and traktor scratch pro
    Hercules MP3 e2 Traktor Mapping (vestax alike)
    (updated) Non Standard 4 deck Hercules MP3 E2 mapping for Traktor v1.2.4

    I Mix Reload costum midi mapping
    Dj-tech I-Mix Club Edition Midi Map
    I-MIX midi mapping for Traktor 3
    TSI for i-mix dj tech
    DJ-Tech I-Mix .tks Tracktor DJ Studio 3
    tks for I-Mix TrakTor DJ Studio 3

    Laptop Keyboard & Traktor Pro (rewrote the default for messing around on the go)
    4 Deck Keyboard mappings / hotkeys

    Korg Nano Kontrol & Nano Pad Mappings
    Scooby's Map for Traktor Scratch Pro & Korg nanoPAD
    Korg Nano Kontrol Traktor Setup
    KorgNanoKontrol - TraktorPro 1.2.x - 4Deck
    Nanokontrol Mapping TPro (External Mode)
    NanoPad Traktor Mapping
    Korg Nano Controller Mapping
    use KP3 for Traktors effects! (.tsi inside)
    KorgNanoKontrolS4 - Traktor S4 - Control Sample Slots

    TPro 1.2 and Ohm64

    4 Deck midiFighter/Pad Controller Mapping

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    Default The List - All User-Mappings of DJTT(server)


    Axiom 49 mappings
    X-Session Pro 4 Modes Mapping
    X-Session Pro with Traktor Pro Mapping
    X-Session Pro Traktor Pro tsi
    tsi for xsession pro
    X session Pro for Traktor Pro
    X-Session Pro + Traktor Pro (3 decks + Effects: TSI and diagram)
    Mouseless TSI for Traktor with X-Session Pro
    m audio uc 33 with traktor duo
    M-Audio Xponent with Traktor 3 (m audio mapping)
    Oxygen 25 and Ean's TSI for Traktor
    Official Oxygen 8 Mapping for Traktor Pro
    OXYGEN 8 V2, The Ultimate Mapping
    VHoff's Oxygen 8 v2 25keys Traktor Pro Mapping
    DJTT Oxygen 8 mapping question
    Traktor Finger 1.0 - Trigger Finger + Traktor Pro
    Trigger Finger Traktor Pro Performance and Effects Layout
    Trigger Finger - Performance (with effects) and Track Preparation (for beatgridding and so forth)

    Launchpad Mega Mapping with visual feedback
    Novation Launch Pad additional to VCI-100
    LAUNCHPAD mapping 2 decks @ traktor
    Novation Launchpad Full 4Deck Mixer Traktor Mapping
    LAUNCHPAD mapping 4 decks 4 traktor (w/ leds)
    Novation Nocturn mappings for Traktor Pro
    Launchpad 2 decks mapping
    Novation 25SL MkII mapping for Traktor Pro 1.1.1
    Serious Live Ableton DJ performance Template (launchpad and more)
    Controlling Traktor with Launchpad (App)
    Turn launchpad into 4 midifighters
    4 Deck use w/ Novation Remote SL 25
    [BETA] Traktor Pro / Remote SL 25 . 4 Decks
    Nocturn + Launchpad Layout for Traktor
    Mr. Blenderson's Dicer Mapping for Traktor

    Mixtrack Mapping for Traktor Pro(4 hot cues,encoder loop size)+mixtrak button legend
    Mixtrack TSI For Traktor Pro
    Numark Mixtrack mapping help!!!
    Mixtrack Mapping For Traktor
    Mixtrack 4-Deck Map TSI
    Mixtrack slight remapping for Traktor Pro
    Stealth Traktor Pro - remapping work in progress
    Numark Stealth Midi Mapping For Traktor Pro 1.2+ (Experimental)
    Numark Stealth TSI Traktor Pro (Improved)
    Stealth/Omni Mapping 4 Deck Control
    tks (Traktor 3) for Numark Stealth
    DJ Stormeagle's Numark Total Control + Traktor Pro Mapping Video
    New Numark Total Control Mapping
    Numark TC Mappings
    Numark Total Control
    Numark TotalControl -Traktor 3 Mapping "Xone-Like"
    Total Control advanced 4 deck/4 FX, Jog/Fader FX, Loop Roll Encoders/Jog, Sample Deck
    TC four deck, 4 fx, sample decks, and more.
    Traktor 1.2 + Numark Total Control TSI
    Omni Control to act like VCI-100
    Omni Control 4-deck control for Traktor Pro
    Numark omni control mapping


    Jester's X1 Mapping MKII (2 deck, FX + EQ Modes)
    Kontrol x1 mapped as mixer
    Vestax 100 with Kontrol X1 mappings anyone?
    Only one X1 4 Decks HOTCUE working - Native mode mapping
    Kontrol X1 Mapping
    Traktor Kontrol X1 & Xsession Pro together on TS Pro 1.2.4 & Traktor 3 midi mappings
    Kontrol X1 mapping with Pitch Bend
    Traktor Kontrol X1 2-deck internal mixer tsi v.EDM
    Maschine Fighter - Deckalized MF mapping for Maschine
    S4 Mapping Help
    Lightly Modified S4 Map

    DJM 800 Mapping

    Reloop Digital Jockey IE2 Traktor Pro Mapping
    Reloop Digital Jockey 2 - IE for Traktor pro (4 Decks, 8 hotcues, loop move + more)

    Stanton SCS3.S custom 4 deck, 4 fx unit, browser/load controls, and more
    SCS3 LED dance Traktor Pro
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    Default THe List - All User-Mappings of DJTT(server)


    VCI 100
    Vestax VCM-100 and Traktor Pro (Improved MIDI map)
    YAVM - (not) Yet Another VCI-100 Mapping (extensive 4D Layout for TPro)
    VCI-100 frm1.3/ Traktor Pro 4 Deck .tsi
    Vci-100se And Traktor Pro (with Fx Unit Toggle)
    VCI-100 mapping for basic mix/scratching issues
    VCI-100 with Traktor Pro (4 decks/each selectable separately)
    VCI 100 for Traktor Pro (User mapping)
    VCI-100 and TPro (MISA+DJTT 32 HotCues, Preview, Key Lock)
    VCI-100 (No SE Overlay) FM 1.2 with Traktor Pro 1.2 2 Deck and Sampler
    VCI-100 for Traktor Pro (user modified SE)
    Vci-100se And Traktor Pro (with Fx Unit Toggle)
    Vestax SPIN MaJester's Custom X1 Mapping (Chained FX Mode + Xone EQ)pping for Traktor Duo/Pro
    Vestax Spin 4 Decks, Joggle Mode, Fader FX mode, FX Banks for Traktor Pro Mapping
    YAVM - (not) Yet Another VCI-100 Mapping (extensive 4D Layout for TPro)
    traktor scratch pro + vestax vci-100
    VCI100 se with beat/loopjump
    vestax typhoon mapping.
    Vestax VCM 100 EFX midi map for Traktor Pro
    Vestax Spin Traktor 1.2.3 TSI Fully Working
    Traktor Pro VCI-100se and nanoKontrol TSI alpha
    Traktor Pro with VCI-100 (MISA 4 Deck, 32 HotCue, Master Tempo, Key Locks, Preview)
    BradCee fantastic VCI 100 (1.2fw) 4 deck control (TPro)
    VCI 100 + Korg nanopad mappings for TP
    fusion's mapping (3.5.1 Glitch fix)

    Remote's VCI-300 mapping with ITCH SCRATCHING
    Complete VCI-300 .tsi
    Sosik's VCI-300 2D TSI [BETA]
    VCI-300 with Traktor Pro- (Idea thread)
    VCI-300 preset file
    VCI-300 Traktor1.2 [w/ SHIFT map photo-graphed]
    VCI-300 Mapping (Flashflooder SE) for Traktor Pro
    VCI-300+Traktor Pro - Setup Jog Wheel & LED List
    Vci-300 tsi
    vci 300 Itch-style mapping
    VCI-300 goes Traktor 1.1.1
    VCI-300 LED Diagram to help mapping
    Claude K's VCI-300 2/4 Deck 1.3 TSI

    Mapping for Vestax VCM-600

    Vestax Spin Mapping Traktor 3 (PPC macs etc)
    VCI100 - Traktor3 - 2 decks 2 samplers
    VCI-100 and Traktor 3.4 (Dj TT Special Edition)
    VCI-300 and Traktor 3 (basic mixing)

    Xone: DX midi map for Traktor Pro 1.2.4

    updated 30.January.2011
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    Wow this list is amazing. Thank you +100
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    epic win. sticky it!
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    Should become a sticky, good work.

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    Succesfully stuck!

    Thanks Stu!
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    wow cool

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    Epic post!!
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