Recommend a mainstream MP3 Pool for mobile DJ's?
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    Default Recommend a mainstream MP3 Pool for mobile DJ's?

    I'm looking for a good MP3 pool for mobile DJ's.

    It would be awesome if it could have mainstream music AND underground house, because mainstream is what I play for the clients, but house and electro are what I love to play on my own...But I understand that that's probably asking for a lot.

    So my basic requirements are:

    -relatively inexpensive (I've found one for as low as $11/month)
    -proper ID3 tags (for traktor)
    -Minimum 256kpbs or 320kbps
    -Want to get good value for my month fee. Some sites are advertising "unlimited".
    -good selection of "clean mixes" and "dirty mixes" but also mashups and accapellas.

    Has anyone tried these two? They're the first two results when you google "MP3 Pool".

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