Traktor Controller Design: 3D pics
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    Default Traktor Controller Design: 3D pics

    This is my design for a small Traktor controller to mount next to my Allen&Heath Xone 22. Budget controllers like the Akai LPD8 and the Korg NanoKontrol don't meet half of my needs, so the obvious option was spending the extra 35 and making my own nice piece of kit.

    Parts List:

    1 x Leo Bodnar BU0836 I opted for HID purely for price and as I don't need any more then 8 ana and 32 digi inputs. 21.98

    8 x Sanwa arcade buttons. Nice and responsive for transport funtions. 10.00

    4 x 10kOhm Linear slide potentiometers 3.00

    4 x Linear potentiometer Knobs 1.20

    4 x 5Amp Toggle switches 5.00

    4 x 10kOhm Potentiometers 1.20

    4 x Potentiometer Knobs 1.20

    I used this great freeware to design and price the Anodized Aluminum rack mountable front panel.
    Price estimate at 35

    This totals at around 75, if I use a plastic enclosure the price drops to 40.

    A couple Q's: Are all the components I have chosen the right amperage and are they all compatible with the BU0836 microcontroller, do I need any resistors etc..?

    Is there anywhere cheaper i can go for a custom panel?

    Used Sketchup for the following pics:

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    now i'm torn between buying the BU0836 microcontroller or dual usb gamepads.. which connect to one usb lead for a total of 8 analogue inputs and 24 buttons.

    the price is only 10 aswell... so is it relatively easy to map the inputs on your pc to midi signals with some freeware or does it involve some scripting?

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    check the sticky thread at the top - plenty of HUI to midi converter utilities there.

    Me personally, I'd go for xbox 1 joypads... you get 6 analogues per pad and each pad has a 2 port usb hub so you can daisychain them together easily. The only thing you need to worry about is cutting off the propietary xbox connector and replacing it with a usb plug (which is really easy). You also need special drivers to get the xbox pads working in Windows (again, easy)

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    cool, why xbox controllers? do they have have more reliable / better quality pcbs than cheap usb gamepads?

    and if i was to daisychain them would they show up in windows as one or two devices?

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