Traktor S4 Vs 2 SL-1200s
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    Default Traktor S4 Vs 2 SL-1200s

    Though this may have been debated before...I'm having a hard time deciding on which way I'd like to go with my new set up. I just recently sold my vci-100 arcade as it really wasn't doing it for me.

    I have a set of Technics lined up for a great price basically half that of a S4. So for the same price as an S4 I could buy a used vestax pmc mixer, the 1200s, and an audio 6 or used audio 8.

    I also have an apc40 that I have mapped into traktor that I could use for cue points and effects.

    I'd really like to get more into scratching (though it might sound lame to some I've always loved watching and listening to scratch djs) which is mainly why I'm leaning towards the Technics.

    My question is 1) What would you recommend? and 2) What are the pros and cons to both?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1200s..... in a heart beat. sell the apc and buy an s4 then tsp2


    DVS setup - s4 as a/b and the techs as c/d - the s4 acts as a mixer


    Techs are heavy (so the s4 is a viable "on the go" solution which could still run 4 decks in the stock mode)
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    The problems midi controllers i feel... they are they are always outdated. the next thing is always coming after the S4

    Techincs will always be around somewhere.
    i still even use an mpc 2000xl

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    If you want to get into scratching the only option is to start with TTs, and since you have what is recognized as the industry standard for half of the price of the S4, it seems like a great option.

    The pros of the Technics are that everything is replaceable and has a part for it, the motor is literally flawless and they sound great for DJing and casual Vinyl listening.

    The pros of the S4 are the integration with Traktor, the weight, which is still pretty heavy for a controller, and having all of your controls in an "all in one" package

    The cons of the Technics are the weight. I have a flight case with 2 1200s and a Small Denon Mixer and it takes 4 people to carry it all up one floor to where I gig every 3 weeks. Just not a good thing for mobility.

    The cons of the S4 are the lack of replaceable faders, especially the crossfader and the chance every now and again that you will be denied a gig because of your controllership. For some reason Club Owners think that if you're not spinning with 1200s/CDJ1000s/2000s That you're not legit. Kind of ridiculous, but hey, they're kind of your boss.

    If I could recommend anything, it would be to get the S4 now, save up for those half price Technics and get them later. For now use the S4 as your primary tool and once you get the Technics run them through the S4 and use them with TSP2. If the crossfader on the S4 isn't working for you (it's really not too great for scratching) I'd recommend selling it and getting a vestax mixer or a DJM909. I run with the S4/Technics combo and it works fine for me since my scratching skills are lackluster at best, and a somewhat sticky fader isn't really an issue for me.
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