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    Default DJ Effects/Tricks Directory

    I've been searching the forums and can't find a definitive post. There seems to be half thing here and there hidden deep within other threads, but can be a pain to find, if you find them at all.

    I just though this may be a useful idea to have this thread as directory for co-DJTT forumites aimed specifically and tips and tricks to do with effects.

    That could be anything from a simple slice or echo to combining a few effects or how to create a goor roll effect or transition.

    Like I said, I know there may be tiny half tips hidden deep within other threads, but thought this may abe an useful thread for beginners and advanced DJs who may learn a few new creative tricks.

    If you have a nifty little tip or trick on using effects, loops, slices, etc etc then feel free to post a little brief guide to what you do, what software/equipment you use and how to create the effect.

    Cheers people!

    I'll run off into my bunker now before the search police start throwing their bombs at me....
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