MF Pro Super Knob Mapping for Serato Scratch Live
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    Default MF Pro Super Knob Mapping for Serato Scratch Live

    We have finally created a mapping for the Midi Fighter Pro Super Knob and Serato Scratch Live. The mapping has ability to control two decks, looping, loop rolls, cue points, Serato's DJ-FX, and the SP-6 sampler. Please see the attached visual layouts below.

    In order to use this mapping, your Midi-Fighter needs to be in "4 Banks Mode". To put your Midi-Fighter into "4 Banks Mode", please read the following thread about the Midi-Fighter's menu mode:

    Once you download the mapping (i.e., the xml file) all you need to do to import it is to move the xml file into the "MIDI" subfolder of "_Serato_". The "_Serato_" folder should be located in your "Music" library folder on both Macs and PCs.

    If you do not see a "MIDI" folder within "_Serato_", you will need to open Serato Scratch live, go into SETUP->MIDI and create a new blank mapping (the default name is usually "user1"). Once you have created the blank mapping, the MIDI folder should then appear with "_Serato_".

    In order to properly control Serato's DJ-FX with this mapping, FX1 (on the left) needs to be a triple effect and FX2 (on the right) needs to be an Ultra effect. You will also need to manually press the DJ-FX tab in order to see how you are controlling the effects with the MF Pro Super Knob's extra knobs and square buttons.

    It should also be noted that I tested this mapping using a Rane TTM-57 and sometimes an SL3 box and it worked for both. When we tried using it on our Rane 68 and some of the controls didn't seem to work. My theory is that if you plug it into a Serato mixer that shares some of the same controls (like cue points), Serato disables those controls on any other MIDI controller. I don't know that for sure though.

    Please use this forum for all questions and comments regarding this mapping. Thanks!
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    Great stuff for the Serato guys!!
    Chris Jennings FHP

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    Really impressed by this!

    Im using a cue master and have mapped things out using the midi learn function for the past few weeks but I didnt know it was possible to have a "shift" key on serato

    Any tips on how I could map a shift key in my own mapping?

    (I dont use 4 banks mode btw)

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    has anyone gotten this to work? Ive tried for months and theres something wrong with the map, my page 4 for the sampler drop doesnt work and the selection of the three knobs effect with the shift key doesnt work. Ive cleared everything out of the midi folder and uploaded the super knob map only, I am running it in four banks mode and Im using serato 2.4.1 with a SL3 let me know if anyone can help or point me to somewhere where I can find the codes to write my own midi file thanks!

    Edit: Finally got it, heres the fixed version of it!
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