Good afternoon everyone, long time viewer, first time poster!

After years of playing mobile gigs and doing a radio show in my makeshift studio, I've pretty much been able to get my perfect setup, with the exception of a few things, and I was hoping that the knowledgeable folks over here on the forum would have a few solutions for the 'holes' I need to fill in my setup. Here's what I'm looking for.

-A swing arm for a 2nd monitor to clamp to my coffin. All swing arms I've researched for monitor arms attach to a desk, and don't have the 5" clearance to buckle down to the back of a coffin. Has anyone found a product that works well with a coffin?

-A swing arm for a microphone. Same scenerio as above. Think radio broadcasting arm, but with the clamps to connect to a coffin. Everything I've found is for a desk mount.

-Anyone remember old 'Cart Machines'? You know, the tape machines they used in radio for sound effects and 'jingles'. I'm looking for an external solution to activate these short samples and jingles for my radio show, and all I've been able to find are software emulators. I'd like to have a separate controller. Anyone know of something that may work, like an inexpensive midi controller?

Thanks for all your help, and happy holidays!