Ustream beginner + Webcam advice please
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    Default Ustream beginner + Webcam advice please

    Hey all,
    I'm looking to start a ustream show just of me and some friends DJing. I have a camera on my mac but i assume i need to get another to place by the side or above etc.

    Can anyone recommend me a webcam that works with Mac, ideal for ustream(ing)?

    As I say, im a complete ustream beginner, but I assume I connect the audio separately, so the audience is not hearing the webcam mics recording, but the audio from my line out. (therefore mic quality of the webcam doesn't need to be high right?)

    my computer for now is a 2007 Macbook pro, but i'm hoping to get a mac mini soon which will run the webcam in the future.

    pls let me know if i'm barking up the wrong tree anywhere! any advice welcome,
    thx in advance!

    ps - i'm happy to pay up to say $100 (70 euros/), but if that's overkill (because i dont need sound quality, it would be good to know, thx)
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    Flag the webcam and just Broadcast through Mixlr
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaniac View Post
    Flag the webcam and just Broadcast through Mixlr
    Thx for the suggestion Zaniac, looks like a good site I can use till I get a cam - I would prefer ustream though as my show will hopefully be quite "scratch-heavy" and therefore probably better with a 'visual' element!
    Cool site btw

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    any other suggestions people? many thx again!!

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    logitech c615 hd webcam, they are pretty cheap on amazon
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    thanks a lot! you tried it? does it work on Mac? thx again!

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