DJTT Internet Radio: Should it be a thing?

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    Default DJTT Internet Radio: Should it be a thing?

    In connection with a soon-to-be-published article, I'm curious as to if there's interest in our community to have an semi-official internet radio station. We'd need an incredible volunteer to run it and vet/train/schedule DJs, and we'd of course need a bunch of DJs who would be willing to contribute!

    What can we do to make this the way coolest internet radio station ever?
    DJs with experience on internet radio, we're looking to you for advice as well : )

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    si seņor
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    This would be pretty Awesome...let me know if you need a Top 40/House Dj!
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    Check out what paris hilton is doing. You can learn a few things from her. She just started out as well....

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    That is a great idea.
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    i would listen and think it would be cool to contribute...maybe not once a week for me, but once a month would be awesome.
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    That's one hell of a nice idea.
    I guess some of us struggle to find a nice radio to play on (at least I do), and this DJTT webradio would be nice because thanks to the forum "fame", i'd be a bit more "alive" than our personal mixlr/mixcloud
    And I guess if this things spreads as I expect it to, i'd bring new members to the community.

    It's a win-win, go ahead.

    I'd love to have a 1h schedule per month or so, for some brostep/dubstep/drumstep/moombahcore.

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    i'd be interested
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    I'm definitely interested. I wouldn't mind trying to run the thing either. It depends on what would be needed out of it. But hell I got tons of time since I work at home lol.

    I guess what I would imagine it would be a podcast style thing, that people can tune into live or download the podcast.

    Additionally if we wanted to drop samples of advertisement for DJTT in we would need to do some work in ableton, or ask the mixing DJ to do that.

    Even a host would be huge overall. To announce the artist, where they are from where to find them and then talk about whats new with DJTT. i.e "You are tuning in with Guiltysounds hosting the DJTT weekly podcast. Todays show consist of Chicago house from DJ Donkey punch from Washington state for an hour long, we've got some tracks from xyz. You can find DJ donkey punch on his website While you are in the mix stop by DJTT website and check out our limited edition midifighter pros that were just released. These midi fighters sport a fresh looking white color and work with our very own mad zachs ableton templates.

    Then every so often during track you do a "You are tuned in to Round table sessions with DJTT".

    The only question I would have is do you need a license, like an entertainment license to cover what tracks you play? That way it would protect you against people saying you are playing tracks that are illegitimate?
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    minmal house dj right here ready to play
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