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    New to the whole Video Djing arena but not new to tech. I wanted to know if there are any reliable video mixing packages out there that are comparable to MixEMERGENCY for p.c. based users? Traktor is my software of choice but I ALSO need to be able to manipulate and mix video. I would love to see what other VJ Controllers are using for something like this. I am open to any ideas (even if they are homegrown apps). Looking for stability and ability to use in conjunction with Traktor. Ideas?


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    Serato DJ and Virtual DJ have video mixing capability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayRuss View Post
    Serato DJ and Virtual DJ have video mixing capability.
    yes, I checked out both of those options but what I am really looking for is something that I can use in conjunction with Traktor. Serrato is pricey to even get started and Virtual DJ looks pretty limited in terms of quality effects and transitions.

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    Depends on your platform.
    Mac Modul8 would be th commonest one
    PC probably Resolume.
    We use Resolume Arena, but more for the output manipulation capabilities

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