Beginner - equipment question and dilemma
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    Default Beginner - equipment question and dilemma

    I want to start using gear in order to make some house mix etc... I am not going to play at bars, parties and something like that, for now anyway, because I want it as a hobby.So I started a month ago using ipad djay app, and virtual dj, anyway, I have been search searched a lot on the web in order to figure out what equipment to use that I can afford, so, I found this:

    Is that a good gear to get started(I know that its no matter what gear do I use, the only matter is the music I play and how good I know how to play it, but still..)?

    And, I have a dilemma, should I buy full package controller, or buy each gear separately, because, in that way I can upgrade each item over the years, and not replace the all unit, what do you think about that?


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    It really depends on your budget. Money is the end all be all of such choices. I'm sure if everyone could afford it, they'd have two 1200's and a set of CDJ-2000's and an awesome 4 channel mixer.

    But it really comes down to what you can afford.

    I've known a few people to learn on the mixdeck. It's a very versatile controller and CDJ combo. If you're planning on CDJ's on a budget, it's really not a bad deal. People will hem and haw about Numark CDJ's, and I can't tell you about them really; because I've never used them.

    Personally I think going with a modular setup is going to be better for you in the long run. If you're already looking at the Numark stuff, either a pair of the NDX-400 or NDX-900 with a basic mixer in-between will treat you well. That way in the future if you want to upgrade to more "club standard" gear, you'd be more than okay.

    It also comes down to if you want to use software in the equation at all. If you're planning on using DVS software, I really think it shines best with turntables. Those you can pick up for about the same cost as basic CDJ's, but you have to understand you're going to need to get a certified soundcard as well (SL1-SL4 for Serato, or Audio 4-10 for Traktor).

    It's not really an inexpensive hobby, but it's one of the most fun things you'll get into if you have the passion for it.

    My recommendation? Either A) Buy a basic controller and get your feet wet with that (S2, Twitch) or get a modular setup.

    Really just depends on how much capital you want to put into it. If you're really on a budget, the mixdeck will treat you well for awhile, but you will eventually grow out of it. (Sooner than you may think).
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    If this is just a hobby, u are best suited to pick up the new Newmark mix track pro 2. Comes with Serato light and can be upgraded to the full version. It is also very portable and has a good built in sound card.

    I learned how to DJ off a mix track pro for a good 4 months before I upgraded to a traktor s4.

    Don't over analyze anything if this is just a hobby. Stick with the mix track pro and if u wanna take ur game to the next level then think about upgrading to cdjs
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    it really depends on the money you are able to spend.. i would go for as much as you can afford. since i've seen first hand you really do get what you pay for when it comes to dj controllers, studio monitors, headphones ect.....

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    Right now you're not playing at bars&clubs, but you may start wanting to do so faster than you think.
    This is why it's a good idea to not just go out and buy the first thing that you find at the store.

    IF you have a decent computer, i'd suggest going with a controller. Wait for the behringer CMD line, i had a little hands-on with the prototypes, and they really do blow away everything else in their price range. Or shed the money and get a traktor s2 or a second hand s4.
    That is, if you have a good computer, if you're willing to bring all your gear to gigs, and if you know you'll be playing on non-standard equipment.

    If you want to go the other route (no computer) i'd rather go with something from gemini than numark. In my opinion, the only good numark stuff are their top-of-the-line controllers. The mixdeck might be practical because of its size, but you will outgrow it in no time, and you still won't get used to the standard cdj layout. Gemini has done a great job in that matter, offering practical clones of pioneer cdjs at significantly lower price points. PLUS, you get full midi control, if you ever happen to start playing with computer software

    my take on this

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