MIDI OUT - For BPM sync external device??
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    Default MIDI OUT - For BPM sync external device??

    Hi Guys,

    On the VCI400SE is there a way to send midi out to sync bpm to external device (Korg Kaoss Pad 3+)

    On the S4 there is a midi out plug, however there is none on the VCI400.

    Using traktor.

    Any help to get this going will be much appreciated.


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    I do this with a USB to midi converter cable (Roland UM-1).

    Basically your VCI has nothing to do with it - you send midi clock directly from traktor.

    When you get your cable:
    - add generic midi controller and set "out port" to cable e.g UM-1
    - turn on send midi clock in preferences
    - the tempo window is hidden behind the top left FX section, you'll find midi clock play/pause/sync there.

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