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    I have read many articles including ones on DJTT on how to network and getting to play at a venue/club. But, basically, I want to hear it from you DJTTers on how I can go about it. I want to open up for Solidisco at Discotech on Dec 7 in San Francisco. The chance may not happen but might as well try. These guys are the reason why I got back into DJing. It would be a dream and amazing opportunity to open up for a set of great djs who inspired you to get back into the game. I remember hearing their first mix and loved it! I do have experience opening and playing when I lived in San Jose, CA but since I've moved to Oakland, CA. I haven't really had a chance. On occasion, I do go to the club (new spot with great lineup) and enjoy all the artists that have appeared and it seems like the perfect place for me to play. But I just don't know exactly where to start. An advice or insight from a club manager or even someone who has been in my position would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Heres the thing, if the club has loyal residents they are going to want to give that gig to their djs. their residents would likely get a little upset if you were allowed to open for this gig; they've worked for it and earned the right to that gig. there are two things you can do right now imo;

    1) Start going to the venue regularly and interacting with the DJs. Become their friends, get your foot in the door and maybe you'll start playing their occasionally.

    2) Offer to promote the event. I've opened for big names at clubs where I was not the resident, for the reason that I offered to help promote the event (for a fee ). If you've got pull from throwing parties, you might be able to work out something with this club.
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    Biggest thing wrong with your idea is that if the dj is already booked, so are the openers.

    Getting into the scene like izn said and meet people that way. Eventually you might be able to play at the club and be able to open for big names.

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    I love solidisco too, but they're not going to be there on the 7th. I think it's the 14?

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