Traktor Pro 2 and Windows 8 issues
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    Default Traktor Pro 2 and Windows 8 issues

    I know this has been posted about a few times, but I couldn't find any updated info.

    I just purchased a new laptop for an amazing price during boxing day, but of course it came with Windows 8.

    After the initial installation (haven't even tried my Kontrol S2 yet) I've noticed a couple key things. 1. It doesn't shut down properly. This has an easy fix through the task manager, ok not a deal breaker, but the second one is 2. An entire section of my mixer in the software is missing. Even though I've selected for them to be visible, I can't see the channel faders, "key" rotary faders, or the filters for all four decks, a,b,c,d. Instead, I see a black box where they should be.

    I still have time to take this computer back, but it doesn't seem like I can pick up a windows 7 machine unless I shell out a lot more money because as we all know brand new windows 7 machines are few and far between now.

    I'll try to upload a pic but it's not working right now.
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    After plugging in the controller it appears the blacked out sections of the mixer section appear, but I can't even get the controller to work with it even after running the setup wizard multiple times.

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    Hey dude,

    You reported this to NI support desk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewe View Post
    Hey dude,

    You reported this to NI support desk?
    Not yet.

    If I can't get it up and running by tonight I'll probably call them tomorrow.

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    Turns out I just needed to download the latest version and the bugs were fixed.

    Crisis averted.

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    Have you got Windows 8.1 also? I know I had a few issues with my Windows 8 machine but it's all sorted now.
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