Traktor crash!Help please!
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    Default Traktor crash!Help please!

    If anyone can help me in this i will tell the story from the begining so people could understand.
    I have macbook pro 13'' i5 procesor,8gb ram memory and mountain lion is the os x
    For most of my gigs i used S2 with traktor pro2 2.6.1 update version for a long time without problem.
    When i bought maschine mk2 recently one of the terms to use some mappings was to have at least 2.6.4 update.
    I was always against the updates because of bugs and glitches that some of mine friends had,but in this case i had to update on 2.6.8 ( which is the latest version ) or at least 2.6.4 so i could use maschine.and i did it.I read a lot blogs about this update and i instaled it,and everything was working fine till last night.
    Last night we had one event called "oldies goldies"where i played b2b with one dj old rnb and hip hop stuff.I used mine traktor Z2,with turntables.
    In one moment music stoped,and traktor softwer just freezed.I restarted the mac and opened it again and continue playing till the end without a problem but with huge fear of crashing int again.
    Can anyone tell me what could possible be the problem,and what should i do.This never happend me with S2,which i think it doesnt matter whic controler i used,or mackbook.
    I dont know if i should,update my mack to maverick,or update traktor to 2.6.8,od to leave it just as it is and hope its not gona happen again.

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    You should file a Support ticket with NI technical support and attach the Crash Log. NI might be able to identify the cause. It may simply have been a corrupt file (MP3) which is very easy to detect by doing 'Extended Logging' which is a procedure that NI may walk you through.
    Can you remember which track was playing - try it again and see if it was indeed the track.
    You say you were playing old tracks, were they old copies of music that you don't usually play?

    2.6.8 is a stable version. I advise that you update.

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    my advice to you is always have a back up plan!!!
    I've never had a crash when I have played live but I always have back up usb or cd's available just in case, seen alot of ppl fail to bring a back up and it totally destroyed the potential of their set.

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