Traktor 1.2 + Numark Total Control TSI
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    Exclamation Traktor 1.2 + Numark Total Control TSI

    Hi guys
    Im a Dj from Brasil, djing for 12 years now. Working with digital media for 3 years.
    I used to be a Virtual DJ addict, but started learning Traktor and fell in love. But in order to perform the way I wanted, had to dive into MIDI mapping and did my own for Total Control - wich I own and love, for its portability and flexibility.
    With it you can control the 4 effects racks, the 4 decks (just pressing a button turns A in C, and another goes B to D), filter, key and loop move with jogwheels, browse files and folders, pitchbend, loop size select, and more. Everything independent for the 4 decks. Oh, and the upper light flash for each deck BPM.
    Then I started learning Ableton and connected it with a Wiimote thru GlovePIE. I run the audio from Traktor in Virtual Audio Cables and ASIO4ALL, then on an Ableton MIDI synced template with my live tracks, effects, live percussion - with Axiom pads - and synths, but most important, with a realtime mastering rack with effects for wiimote.
    Now there is a blog - in portuguese, sorry - with my video, mixed set and TSI and GlovePIE script avaible for download. I think that everyone can find the files inside...
    Hope you guys from around the world enjoy it, and play better with my scripts.
    Djs rule the world...
    Any questions, feel free to mail me:

    Dj Ivan Motta
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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    Hi Ivan! i can't access your site at work but i will def access at home tonight.
    Glad to see a Brazilian mate posting here too, I'm all alone here
    Add me at MSN
    Keep posting in the forums man!

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    Default got it together

    Hey Hoff, thanks for the feedback! Lets keep in touch!

    Now, some guys had problems downloading from the blog I gave the address... so here it is, got it all together on a zip file:
    .TSI for Traktor Pro 1.2 and up
    .PIE script for Wiimote on GlovePIE to Ableton
    And a .JPG faceplate shot to check the new button functions
    Hope it works now...

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    helloo. I have the Traktor Scratch Pro and i can't load the file .Tsi , if can help me please ! I need work with 4 deck's, but i don't want loose my own config midi, i want control 4 decks with 1 button. if you can help me i'm so grateful. i'm jesus from Argentina

    i let you my mail:

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    hey thanks for the tsi! gonna try it out tomorrow and see how she flys.

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    thanks for this tsi. anyone know how to delete the mapping or deactivate it for the crossfader? i only want to use the sliders. thanks!

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