Good morning everybody, I don't know if I should post this here so please tell me where to repost if needed.

A petition was created in our Facebook Toraiz group in order to let Pioneer know that we are very displeased with the way we have been treated regarding their Professional Sampler Toraiz SP-16. In a nutshell we feel like we have been cheated of our money as we bought a product that at first did not work as advertised, and recently has not been following the proposed firmware update roadmap, as they are delaying essential features such as live looping from our hardware but just launched a new product (DJS 1000) with the said feature and the device has pretty much the same structure as the Toraiz.

I'll leave the link for the petition here.

Please help us spread the word, and see if at least we can get them to update the sampler in a timely manner. It cost a lot of money for them to treat us like this.

Thank you!!!