Traktor Hotcue States and APC40 Clip Launch Grid
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    Default Traktor Hotcue States and APC40 Clip Launch Grid

    Hello all,

    I'm currently using a VCI-100 as my primary interface but I decided to mess around with the APC40 that I have to tinker with using the clip launch grid for Hotcue launching. However, I'm running into some confusion regarding the LED outputs and I was hoping someone could help me understand things better.

    What I am ultimately hoping for is to have the APC40 clip launch rows 1-4 buttons 1-8 map to Traktor Pro decks A-D Hotcues 1-8 respectively. Now, making the actual launch trigger work is trivial however, it's a bit of a confusing bundle of buttons when none of them are lit. I figured the LEDs on the APC40 would be ideal since they have multiple colors.

    Imagine the buttons....
    - dimmed out when there is no mapped cue
    - lit up yellow for each cue point
    - lit green for each loop
    - lit red for fade in/out cue points
    - each of the above blinking when it's the active cue

    Having access to all the hotcues for all 4 decks at once could be a lot of fun.

    In Traktor Pro when you set a midi assignment for Hotcue State the controller range defaults as -1 to 5. I believe (sorta guessing) that maps to
    -1 - no mapping
    0 - Grid
    1 - Cue Point
    2 - Load
    3 - Fade In
    4 - Fade Out
    5 - Loop

    On the APC40 each clip launch has the following state numbers
    2=green blink
    4=red blink
    6=yellow blink

    Now when I load a track with regular Cue points saved as Hotcues 1-8 and I use a midi mapping for Hotcue 1 State (controller range = -1, 5 and midi-range 1,1) then the clip launch button correctly turns green when I load. Awesome! If I change the midi-range to 2,2 then it blinks green when I load the track. So on and so on.

    Ok so that seems fine but the issue comes in when I "use" the hotcues. As soon as I press the button mapped to Hotcue 1 the light goes out and wont come back until I reload the track into the deck. Press it again and poof the light is gone.

    It seems like something or other causes Traktor to reset the state of the LED output to off as soon as you use the cue... doesn't seem to make any sense and that's why I am stuck with it.

    I've also tried mapping where the controller range was set as -1,5 and midi range 0,7. when this is the case then each hotcue type correctly gets one of the different color patterns. This still doesn't change the LED from going out after the first time you press the button.

    Is there something about "Hotcue # State" that changes when you trigger it which would cause LED Output lights to cease to function when mapped accordingly?

    Thanks for any tips or ideas on fixing this!

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    Default `

    this map is awesome for apc40 and the lights are working perfectly, hope it helps. i put a post explaining the map under superb apc40 map, channel 6 does beat jump , which is not there.

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    Thanks for the response Joey, however, this mapping doesn't seem to work as I would expect in my original post.

    When I load your TSI row one and three of the clip launch is all red and row two and four are all orange. It doesn't matter if there is actually a hot cue saved to each of them for the loaded slot or not. Your mapping uses the "Out" mapping for Select/Store Hotcue rather than the Hotcue # State mapping.

    So it seems your mapping is doing something different with the LEDs then what it is I am actually looking to do.


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    Hey man, I'm pasting a response that I made to someone else regarding this very subject. I've worked with the APC40 a lot, I know it really well at this point. The issue is because the unit itself sends a note off as you release the button. Here's the fix:

    This is very simplified, I'm not sure how complex your mapping is, so this can affect different things but a little trial and error can sort it all out. Make an output command for the command you're using, same note # as the button, then click invert. Make sure these are set to the deck that's using them. Add a "send monitor state" input command (under "Global") also with the same note # and invert that as well. (The inversion means that the controller will update the led as you release the button rather than when you push it - the reason why it doesn't stay on normally is because the button is momentary, and it sends a note off message when released. The send monitor state command gets the led info from the software, rather than the controller). That should work. The tricky thing about using this command is that it is global, so any led that has an output assigned to it will change to reflect what state the software thinks it's in. You can refine the led behavior further by using modifiers, if you want. A little known trick, but VERY handy.
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    I'm currently working on the same thing and having some trouble getting it to work.

    Heres what I have so far:

    Top left button of the clip launch section: Ch1.Note.F3

    First mapping I have for that button is:
    -Select/Set+Store Hotcue
    --Type of Controller: Button
    --Interaction Mode: Hold
    --Assignment: Deck A
    --Set to Value: HotCue 1

    Next I have the Led Output
    -Hotcue1 State
    --Type of Controller: LED
    --Interaction Mode: Output
    --Assignment: Deck A
    --Controller Range: -1 to 5
    --Midi Range: 0 - 6
    --Invert: ON

    And lastly the Monitor State
    -Send Monitor State
    --Type of Controller: Button
    --Interaction Mode: Trigger
    --Assignment: Global
    --Invert: ON

    and I just can't get it to work,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sraglaba View Post
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    Hi twist,

    Have you had any luck figuring this out? I want to do exactly the same thing and it looks like you have gotten further than I have so far (I'm a bit new to this remapping thing and just got my APC40 yesterday).

    I'll try out a few of the suggestions over the next couple of days and let you know if I come up with anything.

    Cheers, Pete

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    i think your problem is in the controller range. set both Min and Max to -1, then give it a go. should work out.

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    Hey, this is a rather old thread

    there are various threads about APC40 mapping, for example check mine:

    If you check my mapping and the other examples, you will have an idea how to do this. Good luck!

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