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    Default Rekordbox 5.4.x

    New update out for Rekordbox

    -Compatible device added: XDJ-RR.
    -Traffic Light feature to highlight keys in the browse area that will mix harmonically with the loaded track.
    -Library Protection feature which restricts the editing of tracks and playlists.
    -Added a function to set a HOT CUE LOOP as an active loop (PERFORMANCE mode only).
    -Added an option to delete a track from a tag list when the track is loaded.
    -Added an option to delete all tracks in a tag list when the application quits.
    -Added an option to reset coloring for played tracks.
    -Search filter is boxed in blue when it’s active. 
    -Grid can be adjusted without drifting the “1.1Bars” position. 
    -Keyboard shortcuts for “Undo track load”, “Locate track loaded on deck” and “DVS - Reset the synced tempo”.
    -Crashed when importing some tracks.
    -Potential crash during start-up.
    -Unable to remove the connected device after previewing a track in the device.
    -Backup failed if the library contained certain tracks. 
    -Sometimes recording failed when recording for over 3 hours.
    -Sometimes unable to tick “Synchronize iTunes playlists” in the SYNC MANAGER.
    -Related tracks weren’t shown when the XDJ-RX/XDJ-RX2 was connected via Pro DJ Link as the master player.
    -Sometimes playback position was wrong when clicking the preview waveform. 
    -Sometimes incorrect color appeared in the browse area. 
    -LOOP overlay on the enlarged waveform disappeared when changing the screen layout in EXPORT mode with HOT CUE LOOP enabled. 
    -Squashed images when the video quality was high. 
    -Anchor information was sometimes incorrect in the MACRO EDITOR. 
    -“Auto-size this column/all columns” in the browse area worked incorrectly. 
    -Sometimes unable to switch from the internal mode to the relative mode when using the DDJ-XP1. 
    -Potential crash when using the DDJ-SZ.
    -Unable to customize the color of RELEASE FX ECHO in PAD FX.
    -Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.

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    5.4 brings a major improvement in startup speed when your collection is build from XML files.
    this is exactly the case if you transfer your traktor collection using DJCU or rekordbbudy.
    Reports go from 40 minutes to 10 seconds, for 90K tracks.

    more info:

    Pioneer DJ just released version 5.4 of Rekordbox. All my apps are fully compatible with Rekordbox 5.4 .
    A longstanding issue some of the DJ Conversion Utility - DJCU users myself included had with Rekordbox was it's startup time.
    After investigation it turned out that if a Rekordbox collection was constructed from imported Rekordbox.xml files the Rekordbox startup time would increase dramatically.
    My Rekordbox collection is indeed exclusively constructed out of imported Rekordbox.xml. Each time new tracks are added to my collection the new tracks are processed in iTunes, TRAKTOR and Mixed In Key + Odesi the results are converted from Traktor to various platforms.
    As a result it usually took 40 minutes to start up Rekordbox with my 90K of tracks collection, which was not really workable.
    Rekordbox 5.4 fixes this and brings back full speed, my Rekordbox collection starts up in under 10 seconds again.
    Thank you engineering team of PioneerDJ for not only listening to the developers that rely on your platform but actually do something if actionable data/information is provided. Some other brands could use this as an example.
    Gear: DDJ-1000, DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX2, Akai AMX. Laptop: Dell XPS 15
    Mappings for all this gear:

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    Rekordbox 5.4.1 out

    -macOS Mojave support.
          See also [Important notice for those who are using macOS Mojave]
    -Ability to edit Moving Head LED bars in Lighting mode.
    -Scroll position sometimes returned to the top after browsing the Explorer tree.
    -Potential crash when scrolling or updating a track list.
    -Sometimes strobe effect was unintentionally applied in the Lighting mode.
     -Improved stability and fixes for other minor issues.
    Important notice to macOS High Sierra or Mojave users.
    After the audio driver installation, rekordbox may not recognize the connected device if you do not allow the driver installation process at [System Preferences].
    For more details please refer to this document.
    Important notice for DDJ-1000 users.
    We identified an issue causing audio to skip or drop out when Beat FX are applied to some channels such as Mic and Master.
    Please update the DDJ-1000 firmware to ver.1.05 or later and rekordbox to ver.5.3.0 or later.

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