MF Twister as general MIDI sequencer?
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    Question MF Twister as general MIDI sequencer?


    I recently got the MF Twister, hoping to use it as a general midi sequencer with programs like Resolume. Is this even possible, or is the built-in sequencer made to be Traktor-specific? Are there any workarounds to get it working outside Traktor?

    When I feed midi clock into the Twister it enters the sequencer mode without showing any red leds, but the beat does not advance no matter what I do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default absolutely possible

    Hi there,

    the sequencer of the MFT is not Traktor specific. The sequencer is hard coded inside the MFT firmware and sends out regular midi cc values as long as it receives clock. you need to start the sequencer though with the first side button on the right side. then it syncs. I have it fed with a clock from a Xone 92. the midi cc from the twister need to correspond to the midi channel of your synth or whatever you want to trigger.

    Hope this helps

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