There are a few dead end threads here with this particular issue including one of mine I started and this one:

Say you have an encoder set to channel 1 and the switch set to shift encoder hold

Turning the knob outputs channel 1 cc which is correct.

PUSHING IN the knob automatically sends out a toggle on channel 2 valve 127 (I do believe you can change this channel in the utility)

TURNING the knob while pushed in outputs a cc on channel 5. (I believe you CAN NOT change this channel in the utility, it seems you should be able to)

So the million dollar question is. If the encoder is set to shift encoder hold and turning the knob is channel 1 and push and turn is channel 5, why is there a toggle on channel 2?

Is there something else in the utility that causes this behavior? Can I change it?

p.s. yes I've done updates and factory resets. Maybe another one is in order? Something changed recently where I had gotten around this limitation in my daw but I'm no longer able to.

One more thing

Every time my computer restarts, I have to unplug my MF twister and plug it back in before I start my daw so my daw recognizes it. How do I remedy that?