Xone 96 - How to record via USB
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    Default Xone 96 - How to record via USB

    Hi all.
    So I have bought a new Xone 96, which is the best mixer I have ever played with, really. The 4-band EQ and lovely filters, together with the complete connectivity make it answer almost all my needs in a DJ-mixer.

    However, I'm struggling with the recording of it's signal.

    So I have a usb cable going from USB 1 into my Macbook pro and have it recognised in Traktor Pro 3. But the record signal is not showing up. Also when I try using Audacity, it's still not working.
    Can anyone help please?

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    Hey man,

    Have you installed the utility on your Mac/PC available here? (Under the "Software" tab) https://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/xone96/

    You may need this to configure the audio routing correctly and record the master channel with the soundcard

    I know I needed the equivalent for my 900NXS before I could record over USB.

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