Traktor S5 still good buy in 2021?
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    Default Traktor S5 still good buy in 2021?

    Iím thinking to get a dj controller but havenít found whatís difference between S4 mk3 and S5 beside S5 lack of jog wheel, Fx mixer and pitch band?

    is that better sound card in S4 mk3 ?

    because to be honest im more interested in S5 for how it looks and the size, and I also donít need jog wheel. Is that still good to buy in 2021 or you think I get more benefit of S4 mk3 ?

    I wanna hear all pros and cons between these two model. Thanks!

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    Are you sure you do not need jog wheels? Most of people I know that used S series of NI controllers eventually did switch to controllers with jog wheels, not so much for the need for jog wheel itself but because of pitchfader (better tempo manipulation during the set and occasional issues with wrong bpm etc)
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