Hi Ya'll first post in here and I could use some help.

I just recently purchased a KRK S8.4 Sub and had a issue arise that doesn't seem that anyone else has had happen to them based off review or forum interactions.

Basically what has happened is the push was working fine for like 3 days and then after a night of hosting a live stream powered off all the monitors and equipment the next say the sub refuses to drive anymore. What is funky is that the studio monitors that I have paired with this bad boi (KRK Rokit G4 7s [Newest Generation]) have audio routing to them directly from the sub itself no problem. The Settings I have had set are Volume level at about 1/3 of the nob, Crossover at 80 htz, standby OFF, and GND with lift off. I have since got a replacement on the way but it is a ways out. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and been able to correct it or has some basic preventative tips for overall care of the equipment?

Much appreciated to any assistance or knowledge!

Equipment Links:
KRK S8.4 Active SUB

KRK Rokit G4 7 Active Monitors

XDJ-RX2 Controller